What Would You Do with the Gift of an Extra Decade of Life?

Imagine, you are nearing the end of your life.  Over the past few days you’ve felt yourself slipping away.   The doctor is with your family, telling them the news that you’ve only got 24 hours to live.

You mentally begin to count down, wondering about all the things that dying people wonder about.  And then you slip away…  only to wake up several days later with the news that you’ve been given the gift of life.

This was my journey 10 years ago.  On the brink of dying, I was fortunate enough to receive an organ transplant that saved my life. I am mindful that each day I’ve lived during the past 10 years has been extra, my second life.

I look back on the amazing experiences I’ve had since my transplant and I’m so very grateful not to have missed out.  Moments with my kids, adventures as a family, weddings, and babies, and even the funerals, that so poignantly reminded me of how lucky I am to be alive.

Every day is a gift.  I’m grateful for every one.  I hope you are as well.

You can give the gift of life by becoming an organ donor.  In the US, you can sign up here.



  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this and your personal story – brought tears to my eyes! I’m so glad that someone was able to give that to you. Such an important topic. I remember feeling proud to see the organ donor designation on my first driver’s license years ago. That’s a gift like no other, as you know. I hope you’re doing well!

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  2. My niece was saved by a liver transplant last summer and we are all so grateful to have her, but realize that someone died in order to create the donation. Our gratitude extends to the donor’s family as well.
    Our RMV makes it easy to designate organ donation on our driver licenses.

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