They Say It’s a Crazy Little Thing, It’s a Battle Field, and It’s All You Need

love is understanding and enduring.  it is uncomplaining and untiring – love is patient

love is thoughtful and it’s gracious.  it is considerate – love is kind

love does not resent or oppose.  it wishes no ill-will.  love does not envy

love shows humility.  it is not boastful or arrogant.  love is not proud

love does not blame or insult.  it holds in high regard.  love does not dishonor others

love is not selfish or conceited.  it is not boastful.  love is not self-seeking

love does not keep score or dwell on the past.  love keeps no record of wrongs

love defends, it always protects

love always trusts, always hopes, always endures

loves finishes, it wins.  love never fails.

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