What Do You Do When Life Is Overwhelming? 3 Tips to Finding Your Way Back to Balance

Day after day, like the waves of the oceans, life just keeps on coming.  Relentlessly.  Without stop.  No matter what one does to prepare, no matter the attitude or enthusiasm, there are times when rest is what’s needed, a moment to catch a breath… but the minutes keep moving, bringing with it, more.  More requests, more demands, more people.  More everything.

When life begins to feel overwhelming there are a 3 things that help me find my way back to balance:

  1.  I change something, anything.  My daily routine, the people I spend time with, the places I go.  I find the new perspective forces me to engage differently with the world.  See my surroundings in a new way.
  2. I begin to look at those around me, not to see who has a newer car or a bigger house, but the people around me who are struggling with life in a far more challenging way than I am.  Perspective.  From there I am able to find my way back to remembering the many blessings I have, even in the midst of a relentless life.
  3. Finally, I get a cup of coffee, sit in my favorite chair, and commit to begin again, to face the waves, grateful to be around to face them.

I hope that life is not too overwhelming for you at the moment.  But if it is, I hope you are able to find your way back to balance and peace with some new perspective.


  1. The timing of this could not be more apropos for me! I took several days of escape from my routine because I was overwhelmed with everything – I find I need to do that periodically. And today I am refreshed and ready to engage with the world again. Thanks for sharing.

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