How Does Your Life Compare to the Kardashians? It Doesn’t Matter, Just Live Your Own Life

We are prone to comparison.  We measure our success, our happiness, our relationships by comparing ourselves to others.  Sadly, it is in no way an accurate comparison because we never have the complete or accurate picture on all that’s happening in another person’s life.

We are prone to disappointment, particularly in ourselves.  We know all too well the insecurities that dwell inside, the voices reminding us that we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, rich enough, pretty enough.  We wish we were more.

It’s in these moments of doubt when we need perspective, and the reminder that we are all still an eternal work in progress.  And that should be our goal… progress.  Not perfection.  So long as you are moving forward and making progress, there is something to celebrate.

“I may not be the man I want to be; I may not be the man I ought to be;  I may not be the many I could be;  I may not be the man I truly can be;  but praise God, I’m not the man I once was.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.


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