colorful fish

1000 Words – Color Your World

“Don’t live your life in black and white, make it a colorful and vibrant adventure.”

Routine.  It can sneak up, silently, and suck us into a status quo existence where life begins to feel 2-dimensional, lacking substance or excitement.

Color your world. Step outside your routine so you can experience new people,  new adventures, new emotions.  You don’t have to climb a mountain or jump out of an airplane.  You can add color to life in the simplest of ways.

Step out of your routine. Drive home a different route and see new surroundings.  Next time you go to Starbucks order a drink you’ve never tried, in fact, don’t even tell them what you want, ask them to surprise you.  Exactly what you do is not the point.  It’s the fact that you remember to introduce some ‘new” into your everyday life.

The differences will color your world.


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