Christmas tree. Tis the season to give.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

Christmas is a season of giving. We give gifts, give money, companies give time off to be with family and friends. We give fruit cakes.

But how does one give well? And to whom? How do you give the perfect gift, particularly to the person who has everything (which feels like just about everyone.)

I would suggest we give to everyone, abundantly and prolifically… but give in a very different way.

Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Give your undivided attention.

Give respect…. to everyone.

Give an apology. Someone in your life probably deserves one.

Give someone the gift of a new beginning, a second chance.

Give others the freedom to try, but only if you are also willing to give them the freedom to fail.  The opportunity to learn is an amazing gift.

Give grace. Give thanks. Give encouragement and hope.

These may be just the gifts the people in your life most want or need to receive.  And perhaps we ought not limit our giving to the holidays, but give generously throughout the year.

May you have a grateful and giving holiday season.



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